About Augusta State University

Augusta State University was a public university located in Augusta, Georgia, United States. On August 10, 2012, Augusta State merged with Georgia Health Sciences University to form Georgia Regents University, which would later be known as Augusta University.


Augusta State University was founded as the Academy of Richmond County in 1783 as a high school. It opened in 1785 and offered collegiate-level classes from its earliest days, and its classes were overseen by the Georgia state legislature. Graduates were accepted into colleges as sophomores or juniors. Operation of the academy was overseen by a board of trustees until 1909, when control was passed to the Augusta Board of Education. The college-level classes continued to be overseen by a committee of the state legislature. As enrollment increased, land for a new building was purchased. In 1925, prior to completion of the new building, the Junior College of Augusta was established. In 1957, the junior college separated from the academy and moved to its present location on Walton Way.

In 1958, the college became a part of the University System of Georgia and its name was formally changed to Augusta College. It remained a two-year college until 1963, when it attained four-year status. A second campus was added on Wrightsboro Road, which now houses athletics, kinesiology & health science, a golf house, and 18-hole golf course.

In 1996, Augusta College was renamed Augusta State University, along with name changes mandated for most of the rest of the university system.

On August 10, 2012, the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia approved the merger of the school by fall 2013 with nearby Georgia Health Sciences University. Ricardo Azziz took the helm of ASU in summer of 2012 in preparation for the oncoming consolidation. The board named the new university Georgia Regents University, which caused considerable local controversy.[3] It also triggered a lawsuit for alleged trademark infringement by Regent University in Virginia, which was settled out of court in June 2013.[4][5]

On September 15, 2015 Georgia Regents University voted and changed the name to “Augusta University”. This change came from years of frustration from alumni and decreased fundraising brought in following the name change to GRU. “Augusta University” was one of the top choices during the original name change from Augusta State to GRU.