Overview of Augusta State University

The Augusta State University is a public form university, which is located in the Augusta, Georgia, United States. The former name of this university is Augusta College. This university has combined with the Georgia health sciences university in the year of 2012 to develop the Georgia Regents University. Later, this would be called as the Augusta University. Initially, this university was founded by the Richmond County Academy in the year of 1783. In the earliest days, this university has provided the collegiate level classes, which was overtaken by the Georgia state legislature.

In the year of 1958, this college has become behalf of the university system of Georgia, so it was formally called as the Augusta College. Later, it was renamed as the Augusta State University in the year of 1996. At present, the Augusta University is becoming one of the top most choices of college among others. It should be organized into six undergraduate colleges such as:

  • James M. Hull College of Business
  • The College of Education
  • The College of Nursing
  • The College of Applied Health Sciences
  • The College of Mathematics
  • Katherine Reese Pamplin College of Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities

The specialty of this Augusta University is allowing the students to earn a lot of specialist degrees over 100 study programs such as bachelor, associate, master and other major degrees. The students can also earn the cooperative doctorate and a paralegal certificate. This university also provides a good opportunity to the students for studying in the abroad programs as well as internships.

Admissions in Augusta University
Every year, the fresh applicants who have completed the high school curriculum courses are invited to join in this university. Depends on the student’s interest, they could join in two years course of same foreign language, three years course of social science and natural science and four years course of English and mathematics. The Augusta State University uses the freshman eligibility criteria and a formula results in the numerical score, which could be used to rate the students based on their marks scored in academic aptitude. However, the applicants can be determined their individual index in one of these following ways such as multiply average high school grade point by 500, then add it to ACT score multiplied by 42 and add 88 or multiply average high school grade point by 500 and add it to the SAT score. For normal admissions, the students must score minimum 830 as 430 in verbal and 400 math in SAT or score minimum 17 in ACT.

How to apply for admission in Augusta University?
Every year, the admissions for undergraduate in Augusta University are held on mid July. The cost of application is $20 and the applications are submitted through online. The students who are applied for this exam are required to submit the final high school transcripts to the admission office. The students are admitted to this university based on the test scores in ACT or SAT and a high school GPA.

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