Georgia Cyber Innovation and Training Center: Creating Augusta State Cyberwarfare Experts?

Recent federal funding has allowed planning and development of the soon to be regionally utilized Georgia Cyber Innovation and Training Center. This center, across the street from the Augusta State University Riverfront Campus will likely allow the cross-use and training of its students in what would otherwise be classified as ‘cyber warfare’ training.
Along with the relocation of and nearby U.S. Army Cyber Command, as well as National Security Agency (NSA) HQ, there is no doubt that these new buildings and federal investment will prove more than worth with its cooperation in recruiting and hiring government workers.
The listed Cyber Innovation and Training Center is also said to be designed to allow co-op use of private contractors, and other NGO’s for ensuring not only our nation’s security, but, also training future leaders.
Perhaps even more interesting, more than one of these places being designed for the purpose of practicing ‘hacking’ techniques, anti-hacking, protection, malicious software development, and removal. Many of these techniques and forms of advanced technology which are seen today for use to combat both domestic and international terrorism.
There is a lot of excitement around the building of this new technology center, and the over $2 billion dollars recently allocated for the U.S. Army Cyber Command locally in Fort Gordon (Georgia) also illustrate the government’s interest and willingness to make Augusta State University one of the nation’s leaders in information and internet technology, telecommunications, and securing our nation’s future.
Additionally, students and entrepreneurs alike will find great purpose and profitability through small business start-up companies which will host their headquarters out of this center, as well as several investigative federal agency departments. In a nutshell, this center is a great example of unifying technology advancements and knowledge, to maximize the key competence of government, business, and learning institutions alike. Not only this, but, thanks to the development of this new center, as well as the soon to be placed military installations nearby to Augusta State University, a dramatic incline of economic stability, as well as open career positions are projected to become available.
This is an ideal change, program implementation, and opportunity for both scholars and the community alike to maximize off of ideas, currently available technology, and technology to come. Although very ideal, and desirable as it may be, combining this many – related – government agencies, scientists, and scholars is not something frequently seen across the U.S.
So, again, Augusta State University is appreciated in this instance as setting the bar higher for other universities – especially those with a focus on technology, counter-terrorism, and intelligence studies or other government-related majors.
Ultimately, the total project time before the new Georgia Cyber Innovation and Training Center goes up is approximated to be less than 2 years – a very exciting proposal for both current and future students of Augusta State University. And, given its reputation as well as success in developing government leaders, alumni, and co-op programs with other local law enforcement agencies, there’s no doubt this move is likely to win the university favor and reputation within the cyber-intelligence community.

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