How Augusta University Recognizes it’s ROTC Program and Veterans Alike

Augusta State University has a very successful, prominent ROTC program that shapes the future’s leaders to be United States Army Officers. And, not only does Augusta State University recognize, take care of, and celebrate Veterans Day with its students, but, it also has specialized programs to support them during their studies.
In fact, last year the ROTC of Augusta State University made efforts to get a 24-hour walkathon going, which supported the Augusta Warrior Project, as well as a way to recognize and thank U.S. soldiers and veterans for their service – and lives lost. These types of 24-hour marathon walks have taken place across the country numerous times annually, and, are typically focused on a good cause, such as the American Cancer Society.
One example of Augusta State University’s very supportive ROTC program is Professor and United States Army Captain Kenneth DeMars, who is a training officer and has spent 20 years in the military. During last year’s event over 100 volunteers showed up and participated in the walkathon. Soon after, a Veterans Day ceremony took place for active duty military, veterans and students alike by the university’s administration.
These types of opportunities are not only for students to bond with their ROTC members, but, also become educated on the program, leadership, and do joint activities to familiarize themselves with some of the ROTC customs and traditions. In fact, the Augusta State University administration would consider this event, along with other Veterans Day activities, services, and ceremonies to be an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the importance and value of the sacrifices by our military members.
This event, much like previous ROTC ceremonies and Walkathons involved the swearing in of ROTC cadets, and, last year Lt. Col. Jessica Willis who is also the department chair of military science, was in charge of this future soldier ceremony.
Both students and current ROTC members of Augusta State University stated that they feel “very welcome”, at home, and supported by both the ROTC program and fellow students throughout the course of their programs. Some participants made it a point to note during statements to the local university newsletter, The Bell Ringer not only their satisfaction, but, also flexibility and support directly received from professors in being able to accomplish their ROTC duties while excelling as much as possible as university students.
Augusta State University is considered a very ‘military friendly college’, has Military Science courses, related majors, and encourages both knowledge and education about government and military leadership – as well as post-graduate opportunities. Its ROTC program is considered one of the most competitive in the state, and only looks at the top of their class scholars to participate and receive the tuition-scholarship benefits of the program itself. And, for anyone that is interested in the military, including other branches, they will find that the university does support, as well as have several, quite consistent available recruiters and other information officers that visit the school regularly – and on an appointment scheduled basis.

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