How Augusta University Continues to Fight Back Against Racism

Augusta State University has been the victim in more than one instance of racially charged vandalism and acts of hatred against fellow students because of sexual preferences or ethnicity. Because of this, especially being an institution of higher learning, the school has taken major initiatives since last year to not only more aggressively market its student clubs for students of various backgrounds and religion, but, also spread the message of love and acceptance.
Perhaps, most importantly, the school continues to advertise and make its students aware that race-baiting, racism, and hate are not welcome on the Augusta State University campus, and for good reason. To date, Augusta State University has been a relatively safe, hate-free university with little to no reputation for having hate crimes take place on, or near its campus among students. And, given the continued threat and regrettably growing the popularity of college campus shootings or massacres, universities like Augusta State University are taking extra precautions to try to swiftly ‘nip this issue in the bud.’
So, after previous events involving the stamping of White Pride symbols and attempts to advertise hate-inspired websites, the campus seems to have been overall successful in combating these acts of spite by encouraging fellow students to stick together ever since. Students have been making t-shirts and stickers, logos, and even posters throughout the community to demonstrate their willingness to remain united against hate. And in light of such events, on more than one instance multiple Caucasian students openly rejected these acts of racism and hate, and encouraged others to follow suit and call on the university to intervene.
A few professors have chimed in on these incidents, and likewise expressed outrage at the fear it appears to have struck in some of their students. But, the professors – much like the administration as a whole – at Augusta State remains persistent, strong, and optimistic about its future, safety of students, and quality environment for bringing together people of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds. It remains both confident and prideful in its ability to effectively expand the knowledge and education of both its students and local community.
In combination with the LGBT community, African Americans, and Caucasian students alike continue to put up posters around the campus emphasizing love, unity, open-mindedness, and acceptance. Unfortunately, in few instances students and parents have reported receiving some emails or hateful phone calls threatening students, but, these appear to have been isolated incidents. And, to-date investigations continue by school administrators, and, has publicly announced, as well as continues to repeat its public message that any students engaging in hate, bias, or unhealthy behaviors towards other students not welcome on campus.
Augusta State University prides itself as being a multi-racial, accepting, and supportive institution of learning that is safe for anyone to attend, and, it intends to stand behind that promise for both the sake of its students and staff.


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