Are Americans Missing Previous President Barrack Obama?

Given the major differences between previous President of The United States Barrack Obama versus now current President of the United States Donald Trump, we are left with a sort of quandary. That is, as each one understandably came with both their share of ‘baggage’, as well as advantages over the other. Obama, for instance, greatly pleased a lot of people within his own party and of course those that voted for him (for the most part) with his development, and implementation of “Obamacare”. However, many might argue that such implementation was, at best, responsible since he wouldn’t be in office long enough to really ‘ride it out’ or experience the full effects from it.
Never the less, a lot of Americans have been displeased with the current Medicaid system, and, in turn, have resorted to taking action again in hopes to having the program removed. That is, as it not only takes a large bite out of taxpayers’ dollars, but, we also remain with our share of already current problems within the Social Security System, such as with Social Security Income (SSI) and (SSID) Social Security Disability Insurance. Some of these problems include fraud, and those that otherwise take advantage and would suit just fine working a regular job.
Perhaps, another major difference is the seemingly increased priority of not only illegal immigration, but also immigration in general, and, preventing future domestic terrorist attacks. Also, it would appear as though U.S. President Donald Trump is aware of the risks associated with South American drug cartel’s forms of transportation, and feasibility of bringing paid ISIS or other terrorist cells into the United States – for the right price. And in all fairness, President Trump really seemed to have ‘sold himself’ during elections last year on the idea of “building a wall”, keeping illegal immigrants out from the south, as well as ejecting or sending home those already living in the United States illegally.
Lastly, and a major comparative difference is political, versus business and economic experience. That is, as we have an experienced politician, who has been in the Senate since 1997, versus President Donald Trump (T.V. and billionaire, self-made entrepreneur) which would seem a bit of an unbalanced comparison at best. Never the less, perhaps ‘against all odds’, Trump has continued to surprise the American people, as well as please those who did not, or would not have voted for him. For starters, selecting major, experienced, retired generals and other high-ranking officers from the U.S. military to run our country seems to have been a great place for President Trump to start – and has gained him tremendous respect from the American people.
So, political experience or not, there appear to be major differences between the two, and a lot of both Americans and politicians would agree that Donald Trump appears to successfully drive a major focus on combating terrorism, and, is anything but absent-minded when it comes to gun rights. In a nutshell, at the least, many would agree that President Trump is a lot more open-minded than previous President Barrack Obama ever was – or could be. Some experts have even developed legitimate calculations that show in an election, previous President Barrack Obama would have lost to now President Donald Trump.

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